Thermal frequency for spinal problems

Thermal frequency for spinal problems


Radiofrequency for Spine Problems

Radiofrequency is used for spine problems because it is one of the most advanced techniques for treating spinal and joint pain, herniated discs, and lower back and neck pain. It effectively treats peripheral and central nerves using two methods: standard radiofrequency and pulsed radiofrequency. It is completely safe, effective, and highly successful in treating early-detected cases that do not require surgery.

When is Radiofrequency Used?

Radiofrequency is used in cases where symptoms do not respond to traditional treatments such as medication or physical therapy. It is an effective treatment option for patients suffering from:

  • Chronic pain due to spinal arthritis.
  • Pain resulting from recurrent injuries or post-surgery.
  • Pain associated with herniated discs.

How Does Radiofrequency Work?

This procedure typically uses high-frequency radio waves to generate heat that affects the nerves. It is performed in several steps, including:

  1. Identifying the Target Nerves: Accurate identification of the nerves causing pain.
  2. Numbing the Area: Local anesthesia is applied to the area.
  3. Inserting the Radiofrequency Needle: A specialized needle is used to reach the target nerves.
  4. Applying Radiofrequency: Radiofrequency energy is delivered to the nerves.
  5. Disabling the Nerve: The heat generated disables the nerve’s ability to send pain signals.

Benefits of Radiofrequency

  • Long-term Pain Relief: The effects of radiofrequency can last for several months to even years.
  • Safe and Non-surgical Procedure: It is usually performed under local anesthesia and does not require a long recovery period.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Patients can return to their daily activities without pain.

Radiofrequency offers an excellent treatment option for individuals suffering from chronic spinal pain. Providing a relatively permanent and safe solution, this procedure is an important step toward restoring comfort and mobility. To book an appointment with Dr. Yousry El Hamili, you can contact us via the text message service available on our website, and one of our specialists will respond to you as soon as possible.